Bodywel Electric Bike Motor

3 Types of Electric Bike Motor

front wheel motor
These are located in the hub of the front wheel and are usually found on most affordable e-bikes.
These motors provide a good level of power for cruising around town, but not so well suited for hilly terrain. These motors work with the derailleur and hub gears.

rear wheel motor
These are usually more powerful and quieter than front wheel motors. Because they send power to the rear wheel, they often feel more like riding a traditional bike. These motors usually only have derailleur gears. They are available on bikes designed for urban and off-road riding.

Center or crank drive motor
They are located next to the pedals. They are usually more powerful and complex than wheel motors, so they can support you more and provide support with a more natural feel. They will be used with derailleurs and hub gears. They are suitable for all terrains and are ideal for electric mountain bikes.