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Bodywel F20 New Arrival: Bodywel F20 Fat Tire Electric Bike Series Coming Soon

In this fast-paced world, electric bikes have evolved beyond mere transportation; they have become a lifestyle and a symbol of adventure. Today, we are delighted to announce that Bodywel is on the verge of launching a series of foldable fat tire electric bikes, injecting a touch of joy to this winter season!

The upcoming release on November 15th of this fantastic collection, featuring three distinct models: F20, F20SE, and the trailblazing F20PRO, equipped with a powerful Bafang electric motor.

What is it?

As the name suggests, a fat tire e-bike has wider tires than a normal bicycle. It is a bike equipped with a compact motor that powered by a rechargeable battery, giving riders an on-demand pedaling boost.

F20 and F20 PRO

Why You Should Choose Bodywel Fat Tire E-bikes Series?

Fat Tires: This series of Bodywel ebikes boast wider and beefier tires than general counterparts. This unique feature significantly enhances their performance and versatility. The larger tire surface area allows for better traction, making them ideal for tackling diverse terrains, from soft sand to snowy trails. Additionally, fat tires provide enhanced stability, absorbing shocks and vibrations for a more comfortable ride. Whether it’s a leisurely urban cruise or an off-road adventure, fat tire electric bikes are designed to excel in any environment.

Power-Packed Motors: The three models come with different motors. F20SE is equipped with a 250W motor, F20 with a robust 500W motor, and F20PRO features the high-performance Bafang 500W motor. If you’ve ridden an ordinary e-bike with a 250W motor, you’ll quickly find the 500W motor delivers a significant boost in power, enhancing your overall riding experience. Everyone can choose the fitted model to smooth out the bumps in their path and conquer rough, uneven surfaces.

F20 SE

Ergonomic Design: Our meticulous design features an ergonomic handlebar, an adjustable seat, and anti-slip, wear-resistant tires. You’ll also find a powerful LED headlight for safe night riding. We attention every detail of each high caliber component. Shimano 7-speed derailleur systems brings you a secure and enjoyable experience, while the hydraulic brakes provide an added layer of safety assurance.

Large Capacity Hidden Removable Lithium Battery: These three models come with slightly different batteries, but all have a very good range. Removable power supply makes you charge it on or off the frame, equipped with smart lithium battery charger, fast charging only needs 5–6 Hours. When fully charged, ideally one battery will allow to ride up to 100Km.

How do you ride a fat tire electric bike?

Fat tire electric bikes are user-friendly and easy to operate out on the trails. It’s one of the best bikes for beginner e-bikers, as simple as riding a regular bicycle! The electrical components are all nearly integrated into the frame to protect them from the elements and obstacles out on the trail.

Simply turn on the bike by pressing the power button. Start pedaling and the motor will gently kick in — riders can select the amount of assistance they want.


With winter just around the corner and an increase in rainy and snowy weather, going out is becoming more challenging. It’s the perfect time to consider getting yourself a fat tire electric bike! Even as winter fades away, the fat tire bike’s adaptability to a variety of riding environments continues to make it one of the best ways to get around.

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch the Bodywel Fat Tire Electric Bike Series on November 15th, with the F20, F20SE, and F20PRO ready to hit the market. Contact us if needed, you will get professional and efficient customer service. Discover a new way to ride and experience the joy of electric-assisted biking. Adventure awaits, and it starts with Bodywel.

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