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Bodywel M275 Mountain E-Bike | Preview The Upcoming Release of EMTB Series!

Ready to conquer steep hills and rugged trails with ease? Exciting news for off-road adventure enthusiasts! Bodywel is thrilled to introduce our upcoming product – the M275 Electric Mountain Bike (EMTB), seamlessly blending outstanding performance, power, and aesthetics. This Black Friday, consider surprising your loves with an EMTB. Not only is it a fun and positive way for them to explore the nature, but it also provides a healthy ways of exercise after spending time cooped up indoors.

Inspired by the adventure of exploring nature, Bodywel develops M275 Electric Mountain Bike. As the launch date of the M275 gets closer and closer (November 15th), we’re giving you a sneak peek into some exciting details and key features about this new product.

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Enjoy the beauty of nature and explore new routes is the greatest joy during cycling. One of the standout features of MTBs is their ability to tackle various challenging terrains. Built on the foundation of traditional mountain bikes, the BodyWel M275 is equipped with a robust 250W motor. The electric motor provides you with extra assistance, making it a breeze to ride on bumpy mountain trails. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the M275 offers the power you need to effortlessly conquer the peaks and savor the beauty of nature.

In addition to power assistance, extended battery life is another prominent feature of EMTBs. The Bodywel M275 comes with a powerful 36V*15.6A battery that allows you to ride up to 100 kilometers on a single charge! Coupled with the electric motor’s support, long rides and uphill climbs become effortless. This enables riders to enjoy long-distance cycling without worrying about or stamina.

You might typically think that EMTBs are heavier than regular mountain bikes due to the additional motor and battery. Riding can become quite challenging if the battery runs out. However, the Aluminum alloy made M275 weighs only 24.5KG, making it comparable in energy requirements to a regular mountain bike, even when the battery is depleted. This greatly helps to avoid the awkward situations when the battery dies.

Furthermore, the M275 guarantees ultimate safety by hydraulic brake system that ensuring you can quickly stop during rapid descents or emergencies; front and rear lights providing excellent nighttime visibility for your adventurous journeys.


Bodwyel M275 Electric Mountain Bike comes with a multitude of benefits that enhance your off-road escapades. The mighty motors take the sting out of steep hills so you can ride longer without running out of energy. The additional watts also enables you to match the pace of more experienced riders on the trails or explore remote areas inaccessible by chairlifts or shuttle roads. More laps, more mileage, less time, and less effort – the advantages are abundant. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast, a cycling commuter, or a fitness aficionado, the M275 is a perfect fit.

For more information, stay tuned to Bodywel’s official website and social media channels, or feel free to contact us for the latest updates on the Bodywel M275. Let’s embark on a new adventure with the Electric Mountain Bike!

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