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How to Select a City electric bike for your Easy Urban Trips

More and more cities are becoming bike-friendly and well-designed for cyclists. Compared with ordinary bicycles, electric assist bicycles have more advantages. Riding an electric assist bike is not that tiring. You can challenge almost any cityscape you want and still win.

How to choose an electric bike for urban riding?

medium to large wheels
For city bikes, medium or large wheels are a better choice because they allow fewer pedal movements per distance traveled. This is especially true if your city has well-designed dedicated bike lanes where you don’t interact with many cars or pedestrians. 24” to 28” is a good wheel size choice for city bikes.

adequate battery life
You will need enough battery life, not necessarily too long (this will save you cost and weight). You should look for e-bikes with a range of about 25-50 km on a single charge. Most e-bike models have battery capacities in this range. There is usually no need for longer distances as there are usually top-up points within the city or at your final destination.

comfortable seat
For enjoyable city riding, a comfortable seat is essential. You want to have a smooth and enjoyable ride. For you, your city bike is a means of transportation and fun. Make sure your bike seat is soft and comfortable enough to allow you to move around.

Seats are usually replaceable, readily available, and inexpensive. If the seat comfort of your chosen e-bike model isn’t what you want, you should have no trouble buying a new seat or a cushioned seat cover.

High handlebar and upright seating position
I recommend tall handlebars and an upright seat for an urban e-bike. Tall handlebars keep your body upright, while sporty ones have to bend your back to reach the bars.

shopping basket or suitcase
When traveling in the city, it is often necessary to carry extra items on the bike. Whether it’s your shopping list, a bouquet of flowers for a loved one, or a small bag for a friend. Usually something needs extra space.

Electric bicycles and other types of nature-friendly electric assisted transportation are quickly becoming the new standard in cities. If city-friendly e-bikes are your thing, try a few and go all out. Happy riding! I believe you will not regret your choice.